DVI-1進3出-30M KB-D-3E

DVI-1進3出-30M KB-D-3E
型 號: KB-D-3E
價格: NT999,999
含稅價: NT999,999

DVI CAT5 Extender & Distributor

1 in 3 out (KB-D-3E)

Extends any DVI compliant device over two CAT5/5e/6 cables.

Connects a DVI video source to 3 DVI compatible displays.

3 outputs: 2 x DVI-D, plus 1 x CAT5 RJ45 output for remote side.

Each set including 1 x DE03T distributor, 1 x DE01E CAT5 receiver and 1 x 5V power adapter.

DE01E as DVI CAT5 receiver at remote side, range up to 30 meters.

Extends 15meters of input/output DVI cable.

Cascade connection several units for larger displays with great picture quality.

Reads and remembers the EDID of displays.




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